RAVN IIII Playing Cards - Poker Size - Designed by Stockholm17 for Caroline Ravn

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Ravn Playing Cards 4th edition. Ravn IIII is printed by USPCC on Bicycle grade THIN CRUSHED™ paper stock. PRE-ORDER here if you missed the kickstarter campaign. All the perks and the add-ons have been unlocked.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Update: USPCC and mini decks
7 days ago – Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 11:21:18 PM

Hi all!

Finally, after weeks of solicitations, we managed to sign the contract with USPCC, which is 3 weeks late.

Here is how the production status looks.

production status

The estimated completion date for decks does not look good if we consider that a part has to be gilded and then assembled (tuckbox+seal).

The delays and the lead times are ridiculous.

Mini decks

We printed these in China at WJPCC and they are ready. USPCC does not print mini-decks in the US, they outsource to China, so we thought of doing it ourselves and we get them in a very reasonable time.

Video from the factory:

Everything is proceeding, even if quite slowly.

We just wait. Big bummer for the 3 weeks delay.

Stay tuned!



Production Update
20 days ago – Thu, Oct 08, 2020 at 11:28:32 PM

Hi all!

a quick update with pictures from the fulfillment center about the Ravn4 items.

There is already a delay at USPCC, and they are 3 weeks late with the delivery of the hard proofs. Maybe today, we get the digital proofs. The pre-press is taking forever; even if we inquired every day and solicited it, we are still waiting.

production status

Mini decks and brick boxes should be ready next week.

4 items are ready!

The coin, stickers, and the 2 pins are ready. 

We got ugly pictures from the fulfillment center.

vinyl sticker

And a decent picture of the sample we received today.

coin sample

I hope to get the digital proofs today, and the hard proofs next week. 

Once the hard proofs are approved they count 6 weeks if they are on time.

Stay tuned!


Production update
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 01:24:04 AM

Hi all!

I hope you are well. Today just a quick update about the production status, which is proceeding smoothly. USPCC is quite slow... we were expecting the digital proofs this week, but they told us we will get them next week.

Here is a clear overview:

production status

Final numbers for Ravn X LTD: 750 units in total.

Stay tuned and have a great week!



Production starts
about 2 months ago – Tue, Sep 01, 2020 at 05:47:05 PM

Hi all!

first of all, thank you for completing the survey! 90% of you did it, and I hope the rest does it as soon as possible. Completing the survey is important for us, so we get a relatively precise count of the decks and items we need to order.

You cannot find the survey e-mail? click this link:https://ravn4.backerkit.com/

Here is the production status:

production status

Ravn X LTD count

At the moment the count of RAVN X LTD is 672 and 99 backers did not complete the survey. They have the chance to add max 2 on top of their pledge and we assume that max 50% of them will do it. Probably the final count of LTD will be 722 in total. But we wait a little more before we set it in stone.

Decks: lead time

Pre-flight takes 2 weeks, and we initiated it on August 24th. The final files have to be inspected and if there is something wrong we will fix them. After pre-flight add 2 weeks for digital proofs and hard proofs. Once approved and contract is signed, count 4-6 weeks for the production (it is called lead time).

What's next

We lock the backerkit orders as soon as USPCC gets back to us with info about the preflight (probably the 7th of September). At that moment the order starts and they need to know how many decks are going to be printed. Credit cards will be charged as well.

After that, it is only waiting time and out of our control.

Time is Magic Playing Cards

Time is Magic live now on kickstarter created magician Gary Sumpter. Time is Magic is a high quality deck of time/steampunk style cards with built in animations and gold foiled box. Great for collectors and magicians.

61% funded, 26 days to go, pledge here

the 2 variants

The back of the cards feature a flip-book-like animation of the time passing. 

That's all for now, next update will be written when we have more news about production and from USPCC.

Meanwhile, stay safe!


Order initiated, surveys, and brick box video
2 months ago – Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 07:28:40 AM

Hi all!

quick update to let you know that we initiated the order at USPCC even if we do not have the final numbers. We did this to save time and because the pre-flight session takes 2 weeks.

It works like this:

  • pre-flight: 2 weeks, when they check the files for printing
  • digital proofs and hard-proofs: 2 weeks from order (after they get the money)
  • production (or lead time): 4-6 weeks once the proofs are approved

That's their estimation, it can be longer or shorter. We just follow the flow.


Thank you so much for responding to the survey! 80% responded already, and at the moment we count 526 Ravn X LTD.

If you did not receive the survey email, check your mailbox, spam and junk folder as well. Nothing in there? go here: https://ravn4.backerkit.com/

if you lost the survey

Ravn IIII Brick Box video

We received the production sample! WOW! take a look at the video :) quite happy with the outcome.

that's all for now

Stay tuned!